The Centre for Minorities Research (CMR) is a timely initiative that brings together interdisciplinary expertise from an outstanding pool of staff from across six Schools at the University of St Andrews. CMR explores the complexities, challenges and opportunities, continuities and discontinuities, unity and ruptures of the ‘everyday lives’ of minorities.


  • Call for papers and contributions “Erasures in Iraq”


    The Erasures in Iraq will be an online event on the 15th of April 2024. The objective is to highlight under-researched, under-assisted, and under-recognised communities in contemporary Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. We are open to presentations or discussions surrounding any communities and any themes. ‘Communities’ and ‘erasure’ can be broadly defined. Please send any queries…

  • CMR Interdisciplinary online short course

    We are pleased to share the success of its first Centre-led interdisciplinary online course for professional development. Displacement and Humanitarian Intervention ran for two weeks in collaboration with Graduate School for Interdisciplinary Studies, offering bespoke sessions delivered by twelve experts from the University of St Andrews. Sixteen participants from four countries attended praxis-based workshops, lectures, group…

  • Borderworlds: Round table discussion


    Join us for the “Borderworlds” roundtable this Monday 24th at the Hebdomadar’s Room, St Salvator’s Quad, University of St Andrews. From 10pm to 1pm. This roundtable discussion as part of the broader “Borderworlds” project in collaboration with Charles University. This discussion will be followed by a Conference in Prague in June 6th – 9th  Both events…

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