The Centre for Minorities Research (CMR) is a timely initiative that brings together interdisciplinary expertise from an outstanding pool of staff from across six Schools at the University of St Andrews. CMR explores the complexities, challenges and opportunities, continuities and discontinuities, unity and ruptures of the ‘everyday lives’ of minorities.


  • Borderworlds: Temporal, Geographical and Psychosocial Exploration of Symbolic Borders


    Led by Dr Stavroula Pipyrou (University of St Andrews, UK) and Prof. Kateřina Králová (Charles University, CZ), Borderworlds is a set of webinar consultations and reciprocal in-person events with postgraduate students and young researchers.  

  • Episode 5 / Season 2


    Reconnecting Heritage: Repatriation and Museums This CMR episode is in collaboration with Two Friends Talk History podcast, hosted and produced by Zofia Guertin, a PhD Candidate in the School of Classics. In this episode Zofia interviews Dr Barbara Winter to discuss how indigenous artefacts have traditionally been collected and displayed in western Canada. This discussion touches on the … Read more

  • Episode 4 / Season 2


    Diversity in Green Film: A conversation with the Green Film Festival In this episode, Erica Ostlander, an undergraduate in Film Studies and Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews, discusses the importance of upholding diversity in Hollywood, particularly in the realm of environmental cinema. Working as Co-director of the Green Film Festival alongside Tristan Sharman, … Read more

Centre for Minorities Research, University of St Andrews