CMR Podcast

The Centre for Minorites Research Podcast is a student-led initiative, that reflects the CMR’s core values of promoting dialogue between disciplines on all aspects of minority research. Students from Social Anthropology, Film Studies, International Relations, Modern Languages, German Studies, and more will engage with leading figures in academia, civil society, and social activism to discuss minority issues in unique and provocative ways. The podcast series provides a space for students to creatively explore their interests alongside experts from a range of fields and disciplines to co-produce collaborative knowledge for the contemporary age.

If you are interested in collaborating with us please address all correspondence to

Series producer and editor Camila Ferreira Marinelli ([email protected]).

  • Season 3 / Episode 3

    Season 3 / Episode 3

    In our third episode of season 3, Tilly Lyons, a PhD student in Italian and History, briefly overviews the history of Africans in Italy between 1922 and 1945. In this episode, she contextualises the discursive landscape in which they found themselves in a colonial time where anti-Black propaganda was rife and discusses two case studies…

  • Season 3 / Episode 2

    Season 3 / Episode 2

    For the second episode of season 3 of the CMR Podcast we have Parth Pandya, a PhD student in Demography, discussing their first PhD chapter looking at the effects of ethnic concentration on the partnership, employment, and housing patterns of ethnic minorities in the UK with a special focus on the key takeaways on the…

  • New Season / Episode 1

    New Season / Episode 1

    The CMR Podcast is back with its third season! We are so proud of all involved in the last two seasons and can’t wait to hear a new group of talented students ready to share their research interests. Please join us in our latest and first episode of the third season.    Environmental Justice and Persons…

  • Season 2 / Episode 6

    Season 2 / Episode 6

    Minority Languages and their Reception in Germany Aimée Capraro, an undergraduate student of German, discusses the place of minority languages in Germany with a special focus on the linguistic varieties spoken by people of Turkish descent in urban areas in Germany and social attitudes towards them. In this episode, she breaks these varieties down from…