The Centre for Minorites Research Podcast is a student-led initiative, that reflects the CMR’s core values of promoting dialogue between disciplines on all aspects of minority research. Students from Social Anthropology, Film Studies, International Relations, Modern Languages, German Studies, and more will engage with leading figures in academia, civil society, and social activism to discuss minority issues in unique and provocative ways. The podcast series provides a space for students to creatively explore their interests alongside experts from a range of fields and disciplines to co-produce collaborative knowledge for the contemporary age.

If you are interested in collaborating with us please address all correspondence to

Series convenor and editor Camila Ferreira Marinelli (


CMR Podcast / Eighth episode

In our eighth episode, Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal, a PhD Candidate in Film Studies at the University of St Andrews talks to Lara Jost, a PhD Candidate in Philosophy who also manages Philosophy's academic skills workshops for undergraduate…

CMR Podcast / Seventh episode

New Year and a brand new CMR podcast episode! Our seventh episode is the first of many to come in 2022. In this episode Manar Kawasmi, a PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews talks to Haneen Maikey, a Palestinian…

CMR Podcast / Sixth episode

The sixth episode of the CMR Podcast series is our last episode of 2021! We are so thankful to everyone that collaborated with us in this project, for all the hard work and for being willing to share your experiences, research, and voices…

CMR Podcast / Fifth episode

We are back with a new CMR Podcast episode! Our fifth episode features Parisa Saghafian, a recent graduate student from the University of St. Andrews in the Erasmus Mundus Masters of Crossways in Cultural Narratives. Parisa reflects on…

CMR Podcast / Fourth episode

In our fourth episode, Federica Consiglio, an undergraduate in German and Comparative Literature at the University of St. Andrews, analyses different points of view on the issue of including greater gender sensitivity in languages, both in…

CMR Podcast / Third episode

Our third episode features Laura Jane Henderson, a Scottish second-year International Relations and Spanish undergraduate student at the University of St. Andrews, and Laura Moncada, an incoming NYU Abu Dhabi student from Venezuela. They discuss…

CMR Podcast / Second episode

In our second episode, Sam Osborn, a third-year PhD student in German Studies (SoML) at the University of St Andrews, explores the life of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf through her memoir and diary. Charlotte was a transgender woman who lived in…

CMR Podcast / Inaugural episode

In the inaugural episode, Camila Marinelli, a second-year doctoral candidate in Social Anthropology, University of St Andrews, is joined by Dr Ankur Datta, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the South Asian University. Taking the lead from…