New Season / Episode 1

The CMR Podcast is back with its third season! We are so proud of all involved in the last two seasons and can’t wait to hear a new group of talented students ready to share their research interests. Please join us in our latest and first episode of the third season.    Environmental Justice and Persons … Read more

Season 2 / Episode 6

Minority Languages and their Reception in Germany Aimée Capraro, an undergraduate student of German, discusses the place of minority languages in Germany with a special focus on the linguistic varieties spoken by people of Turkish descent in urban areas in Germany and social attitudes towards them. In this episode, she breaks these varieties down from … Read more

Season 2 / Episode 5

Reconnecting Heritage: Repatriation and Museums This CMR episode is in collaboration with Two Friends Talk History podcast, hosted and produced by Zofia Guertin, a PhD Candidate in the School of Classics. In this episode Zofia interviews Dr Barbara Winter to discuss how indigenous artefacts have traditionally been collected and displayed in western Canada. This discussion touches on the … Read more

Episode 4 / Season 2

Diversity in Green Film: A conversation with the Green Film Festival In this episode, Erica Ostlander, an undergraduate in Film Studies and Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews, discusses the importance of upholding diversity in Hollywood, particularly in the realm of environmental cinema. Working as Co-director of the Green Film Festival alongside Tristan Sharman, … Read more

Episode 3 / Season 2

In this episode, listen to St. Andrews History PhD student, Jessica Secmezsoy-Urquhart, as they tell the forgotten life story of the Greatest Man from the Smallest County in all of England, Jeffrey Hudson. As a young boy of only 1 1/2 foot tall, at the age of 7 his life changed forever when Charles I … Read more

Season 2 / Episode 2

In this episode, Anisha Minocha and Nishita Koushik, both undergraduates in English at the University of St Andrews, will be discussing their own experiences and challenges with the structure of higher education. Stressing the importance of diversifying and decolonising the curriculum, and what steps are being done by students to improve this. Listen Here Podcast … Read more

CMR Podcast / New Season

The CMR Podcast is back with a new season! We are so happy with the success of the first season and the interest it gathered. We now have a new group of talented students ready to share their research interests. Please join us in our latest and first episode of the second season. Growing Flowers … Read more

Season 1 / Episode 8

In our eighth episode, Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal, a PhD Candidate in Film Studies at the University of St Andrews talks to Lara Jost, a PhD Candidate in Philosophy who also manages Philosophy’s academic skills workshops for undergraduate students. Anushrut and Lara discuss the potential uses of the Academic Skills Projects (ASP) workshops to make the discipline … Read more

Season 1 / Episode 7

New Year and a brand new CMR podcast episode! Our seventh episode is the first of many to come in 2022. In this episode Manar Kawasmi, a PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews talks to Haneen Maikey, a Palestinian feminist queer activist and organiser. Haneen is the co-founder and former director of … Read more

Season 1 / Episode 6

The sixth episode of the CMR Podcast series is our last episode of 2021! We are so thankful to everyone that collaborated with us in this project, for all the hard work and for being willing to share your experiences, research, and voices through the CMR podcast. We hope to continue and expand this student-led … Read more