New Political Thinkers

New Political Thinkers is a blog dedicated to critical and provocative political commentaries written by students at the University of St Andrews. Born in collaboration with an all female group of students on the Anthropology of Politics and Governance module, students from across the disciplines are invited to contribute short individual or co-authored opinion articles on issues of contemporary political debate.

The editors also invite themed collections of essays that may result from seminar discussions and/or reactions to global politics (e.g. COVID-19, equality and diversity, indigenous rights, intersectionality, nationalism, and belonging). Theoretically informed and driven by real-world concerns, the aim is to enhance the development of political thought among students during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, taking key debates beyond the classroom environment.

Please address all correspondence, including proposals for individual articles and collective themed sections, to co-editor Camila Ferreira Marinelli ([email protected]).

Camila Ferreira Marinelli and Stavroula Pipyrou

  • Anticipation and Immateriality in the Cold War

    By Andy Barwick, Sian O’Sullivan, Natalie Wong Jiayi and Beth Moyes Watch here In the ‘Anthropology of the Cold War’ module, led by Dr Stavroula Pipyrou, our task was to create fortnightly group presentations that could either be based on reality or be entirely fictional. These scenarios had to be based on the thematic focus of…

  • Twitter as a new arena for political debates

    By Evgeniya Pakhomova Due to the unprecedented number of postal ballots, the 2020 United States Presidential election turned into a nerve-racking one-week-long event. Competition in several key states was down to decimal fractions of a percent. As the first night of vote counting was coming to an end, it became crystal clear that the claims…