Project Team

Dr Stavroula Pipyrou
PI, St Andrews
Camila Ferreira Marinelli
Research Assistant, St Andrews
Siwê Alves Braz
Research Collaborator, Muã Mimatxi (Pataxó Indigenous Village)
Shirley Aparecida de Miranda
Research Collaborator, UFMG
Marcus Marciano Gonçalves da Silveira
Research Collaborator, UFMG
Members of Xakriabá Indigenous Land/ Terra Indígena Xakriabá
Dr Emma Bond
Co-I, St Andrews
Matheus Machado Vaz
Research Assistant, UFMG
Andréia Martins da Cunha
Research Collaborator, UFMG
Sílvia Maria de Miranda
Research Collaborator, UFMG
Edgar Kanaykõ Xacriaba/Edgar Nunes Correa
Research Collaborator, Xakriabá Indigenous Land
Kathryn Fredricks
Co-I, St Andrews
Clarisse Maria Castro de Alvarenga
Research Collaborator, UFMG
Suzana Alves Escobar
Research Collaborator, UFMG
Bruno Henrique de Paula
Research Collaborator, UFMG
Members of Quilombola Community of Pinhões/ Comunidade Quilombola de Pinhões
Dr Paulo Roberto Maia Figueiredo
Co-I, St Andrews
Debora Rodrigues Azevedo
Research Collaborator, Quilombola Community of Pinhões
Betânia Gonçalves Figueiredo
Research Collaborator, UFMG
Viviane Yekuana/Viviane Cajusuanaima Rocha
Research Collaborator, UFMG
Members of Pataxó Indigenous Village Muã Mimatxi/ Aldeia Indígena Pataxó Muã Mimatxi

Project Advisory Committee

Prof Mark Harris
The Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, St Andrews
Prof Ana Maria Gomes
The Intercultural Teachers Training Programme (FIEI), Indigenous Knowledge and the School (SIE), UFMG
About the Project
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