The Centre for Minorities Research (CMR) is a timely initiative that brings together interdisciplinary expertise from an outstanding pool of staff from across six Schools at the University of St Andrews. CMR explores the complexities, challenges and opportunities, continuities and discontinuities, unity and ruptures of the ‘everyday lives’ of minorities.


  • Living Heritage: Challenges in the politics of ownership and belonging

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    Join us on the latest CMR seminar series. The event will bring together scholars working with the concept and context of living heritage that either constrains or enhances diversity, minority positions and dimensions of indigeneity. The proposed approach will consider the relevant framework spelt out by international UN agencies like UNESCO and their legal instruments…

  • Season 3 / Episode 2

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    For the second episode of season 3 of the CMR Podcast we have Parth Pandya, a PhD student in Demography, discussing their first PhD chapter looking at the effects of ethnic concentration on the partnership, employment, and housing patterns of ethnic minorities in the UK with a special focus on the key takeaways on the…

  • Call for Contributions for the “How Home Feels” Project


    Are you a member of a minority group residing in Cornwall or Scotland? Do you enjoy creativity? The project ‘“How Home Feels”: Inclusivity and Community-Making in the Celtic Promontories of Scotland and Cornwall’ is seeking multi-media contributions from minority residents of Cornwall and Scotland which explore and express what Cornwall and Scotland mean to you…

Centre for Minorities Research, University of St Andrews