Borderworlds: Temporal, Geographical and Psychosocial Exploration of Symbolic Borders

Led by Dr Stavroula Pipyrou (University of St Andrews, UK) and Prof. Kateřina Králová (Charles University, CZ), Borderworlds is a set of webinar consultations and reciprocal in-person events with postgraduate students and young researchers.

The aim of the project is to discuss diverging narrative frameworks and public attitudes towards symbolic borderlands of migrations, memory, and the narratives of past and present, that cannot be reduced to cognitive (in)difference and political manipulations.

Symbolic border worlds are where life experiences intersect, overlap, or become blurred. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, we seek to stimulate academic creativity and develop rigorous skills, experiences, and competencies that will advance methodologies, academic writing, and best practices in research management and dissemination.