“How Home Feels”: Inclusivity and community-making in the Celtic promontories of Scotland and Cornwall

A collaborative project between the Centre for Minorities Research and the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (2023 – 2024)

Project Lead and Lead Cornwall Researcher: Sarah Edgcumbe

Lead Scotland Researcher: Rory Cassie

This project seeks to explore experiences of homemaking, including meanings invested in “home” among minorities living in Scotland and Cornwall. Aside from narratives surrounding homemaking and community-making, participants are invited to contribute multimodal pieces which will be collated and exhibited in both Scotland and Cornwall, before being transferred to an archival website.

The objective of creating an archive is to foster the establishment of a strong network of residents, citizens, communities, community-based organisations, and researchers, through dialogue on homemaking, with an emphasis on social isolation and loneliness; feelings of belonging; social and political participation; and perceptions of safety. This archive will highlight the voices, experiences, and perceptions of minorities in a representation of the diversity within Celtic nations.

Further details of exhibition dates and archival web address will be added in due course.

Funding Support: Scotland’s Future Series, University of St Andrews.