Founding Director

Dr Stavroula Pipyrou (Social Anthropology): European Minorities, Refugees, Displaced Populations (especially children), Governance, Humanitarianism.

Assistant Directors

Dr Emma Frances Bond (Modern Languages): Contemporary Transnational Migration, Border Literatures.

Dr Nissa Finney (Human Geography): Ethnic Minorities, Race, Migration, Minorities (Europe), Inequalities.

Dr Gurchathen Sanghera (International Relations): Human Rights, Race and Ethnicity (UK), Minorities, Children and Violence (India).

Advisory Board

Professor Alex Baldacchino (Medicine): Substance Misuse Problems, Physical and Psychological Comorbid Conditions, Minimising risk.

Dr Toman Barsbai (Economics): International migration, Migration policies, Migrant exploitation, Migrants’ countries of origin, Political economy

Dr Sandra Fernandez (Social Anthropology): Postcolonial Studies, Power and Citizenship, Hybridity, Mechanisms of Social Change.

Kathryn Fredricks (PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology): Italian Colonialism, Eritrean Diaspora, Migrants and Refugees, Wellbeing.

Dr Mattia Fumanti (Social Anthropology): Youth and Popular Culture (Africa and UK), Mental Health, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Diaspora and Transnationalism, Citizenship.

Dr Paloma Gay y Blasco (Social Anthropology): Gypsies (Europe), Marginality, Adoption, Refugees, Gender, Collaboration.

Professor Caroline Humfress (History): Comparative History of Law and Legal Practice from Late Antiquity to the Present Day, History of Empires, Early Christian and Ecclesiastical Law.

Professor Dina Iordanova (Film Studies, IGCCC): Representation of Minorities in Film and Media, Romani Representation, Minorities in Eastern Europe, Migrations/ Trafficking/ Refugees/ Displacement in Cinema and Media.

Dr Konrad Lawson (History): War Crimes, Political Retribution, Post-Colonial Histories.

Dr Fiona McCallum (International Relations): Minority Rights, Church-State Relations, Christian-Muslim Conflict, Interfaith Dialogue, Diasporic Humanitarian and Political Activism (UK).

Dr Jeffrey Murer (International Relations): Ethnic Conflict (UK and Europe), Communal Violence, Terrorism, Youth Mobilization, Multiethnic Relations, Right-Wing Politics.

Dr Michele Wisdahl (Anthropology): Brazil and Latin America, urban anthropology, youth, class, affect, politics and the state, imaginaries and the future, ethnographic writing.

Website Administrator

Annabelle von Moltke (MA Hons International Relations and Social Anthropology): Community Development and Social Media Intern.