Living Heritage: Challenges in the politics of ownership and belonging

Join us on the latest CMR seminar series.

The event will bring together scholars working with the concept and context of living heritage that either constrains or enhances diversity, minority positions and dimensions of indigeneity. The proposed approach will consider the relevant framework spelt out by international UN agencies like UNESCO and their legal instruments of conventions that provide a political background to social, cultural and environmental challenges and concerns, including Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, this does not limit our discussions but allows a broader outlook extending from local communities and practices to governmental policies and global heritage regimes.
This seminar invites us to reconsider how we conceptualise heritage mobility, accessibility, inclusion, and exclusion through embodied practices and experiences with a focus on minorities. How are minorities addressed, or do minorities position themselves in this framework? What kind of agency dynamics become instrumental? What kind of political claims are generated or subdued?

**The seminar series will be submitted as an edited volume to an international press**

Seminar Convenors: Kristin Kuutma, University of Tartu ([email protected]) and Elo-Hanna Seljamaa, University of Tartu ([email protected] )

The seminar speakers represent a network of UNESCO Chairs. The programme will also include a student session (TBA).

Event details

Thursdays 3-4pm (BST)
Zoom Online Meeting, link here
Meeting ID: 891 8280 9135 Passcode: 387462

Seminar Programme

14th March 2024

The complexities of living heritage, its representational effects and affordances for minorities
Kristin Kuutma, University of Tartu

28th March 2024

The politics of belonging in national contexts
Elo-Hanna Seljamaa, University of Tartu

11th April 2024 

The legal context and constraints of indigenous heritage
Anita Vaivade, Latvian Academy of Culture

25th April 2024

Living heritage and the issues of and concerns for sustainability
Chiara Bortolotto, Cergy University, Paris

9th May 2024

Community representations, heritage positions and environmental challenges
Aet Annist, University of Tartu