Call for Contributions for the “How Home Feels” Project

Are you a member of a minority group residing in Cornwall or Scotland? Do you enjoy creativity?

The project ‘“How Home Feels”: Inclusivity and Community-Making in the Celtic Promontories of Scotland and Cornwall’ is seeking multi-media contributions from minority residents of Cornwall and Scotland which explore and express what Cornwall and Scotland mean to you in terms of home and community – contributions can reflect the positive, the negative, the complexities… if they express personal experiences and perspectives, they are welcome!

Contributions can be:

  • Photography
  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Poems
  • short stories
  • collages
  • songs
  • music
  • soundscapes
  • videos
  • the medium you are most comfortable with.

All pieces will be curated as an exhibition in Cornwall and Scotland before being archived on a project-specific website.

The project is open to those born and raised in Cornwall and Scotland, those newly arrived, and those who may live here for part of each year, such as seasonal workers (second house owners who spend only holidays in Cornwall or Scotland are omitted).

More details can be found at ‘How home feels’ website or for further details, please contact Sarah Edgcumbe at [email protected]