Reports and Workshops

During the first phase of this project we shall host two workshops and produce three reports.

The first workshop – the launch of the project – was held during the University of St Andrews team visit to Brazil, which was from 7-11th of September 2019.

An outreach activity in December 2019 will build and consolidate relations with indigenous associations: Associação Indígena Xakriabá – Aldeia Barreiro Preto – AIX-BP (Minas Gerais).

The second workshop in April 2020 will be hosted by UFMG and will bring together indigenous teachers and students, researchers, education activists and policy makers. This workshop will serve to strengthen relationships between different levels of stakeholders and facilitate knowledge-exchange.

Throughout June and August 2020 the data gathered will be analysed and three reports targeting the UNESCO and UNICEF will be issued in both English and Portuguese.

Stay tuned – updates on our workshops and reports will be posted here!

About the Project
Reports and Workshops