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Welcome to the Centre for Minorities Research! This is a platform to encourage dialogue and public engagement with minority matters.


Center for Minorities Research (CMR) University of St Andrews St Andrews KY16 9AL United Kingdom   Director: Dr Stavroula Pipyrou Tel: +44 (0)1334 461960 Email: [email protected]


University of Verona Centro di Ricerche Etnografiche e di Antropologia Applicata “Francesca Cappelletto” – CREAa (Department of Human Sciences, Centre for Ethnographic Research and Applied Anthropology) University of Messina Dipartimento di Scienze cognitive, psicologiche, pedagogiche e degli studi culturali (Department of Cognitive Science, Psychology, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies) Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) Universidade … Read more


Founding Director Dr  Stavroula Pipyrou (Social Anthropology): European Minorities, Refugees, Displaced Populations (especially children), Governance, Humanitarianism. Assistant Directors Dr  Gurchathen Sanghera (International Relations): Human Rights, Race and Ethnicity (UK), Minorities, Children and Violence (India). Dr  Nissa Finney (Human Geography): Ethnic Minorities, Race, Migration, Minorities (Europe), Inequalities. Advisory Board Professor Alex Baldacchino (Medicine): Substance Misuse Problems, … Read more

About the Centre

The Center for Minorities Research (CMR) is an interdisciplinary platform that examines how axes of class, race/ethnicity, gender, generation, nationality, religion, and sexuality work together to inform the experiences of minorities. Cutting across disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, the CMR pursues applied research on the political and social struggles of minority groups, the … Read more


The Centre for Minorities Research (CMR) is a timely initiative that brings together interdisciplinary expertise from an outstanding pool of staff from across six Schools at the University of St Andrews. CMR explores the complexities, challenges and opportunities, continuities and discontinuities, unity and ruptures of the ‘everyday lives’ of minorities. Latest Centre for Minorities Research, … Read more