Anticipation and Immateriality in the Cold War

By Andy Barwick, Sian O’Sullivan, Natalie Wong Jiayi and Beth Moyes In the ‘Anthropology of the Cold War’ module, led by Dr Stavroula Pipyrou, our task was to create fortnightly group presentations that could either be based on reality or be entirely fictional. These scenarios had to be based on the thematic focus of our readings […]

Twitter as a new arena for political debates

By Evgeniya Pakhomova Due to the unprecedented number of postal ballots, the 2020 United States Presidential election turned into a nerve-racking one-week-long event. Competition in several key states was down to decimal fractions of a percent. As the first night of vote counting was coming to an end, it became crystal clear that the claims […]

Indias divise Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA)

By Oona Singh Indian Parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA) in December of 2019. Very quickly the act was subject to public criticism, concern, and uproar. The issues around the act are related to concerns surrounding its unconstitutional nature. The act outlines new provisions for citizenship. The pathways to citizenship provided by the […]

Insanity or enlightenment? Reasons behind COVID-denialism in Russia

By Evgeniya Pakhomova As the new reality of the world affected by the COVID-19 was becoming inevitable, many countries have witnessed an increase in the number of deniers of the virus, commonly known as COVID-dissidents. Russia was no exception here: if anything, it has a growing and blurry variety of practices and views endorsed by […]

The Gift of the Mask: Cuomo’s influence during Covid-19

By Sophia Rosenblatt The press conference looked the same as it did every day. Andrew Cuomo—New York governor and emerging stud of the pandemic (see. Cuomosexual[1])— front and centre, framed on a TV screen which displayed “Breaking News” beneath him and death tolls by state to the right. These press conferences have been daily, broadcasted […]

The Deadly Consequences of Reckless Speech

By Betty Andrews The Washington Post[1] actively fact checks dubious claims made by politicians and public figures and, during his time in office, Donald Trump has made false claims frequently enough to warrant an entire webpage dedicated to compiling them.  As of April 3rd, he had made 18,000 false or misleading claims over the course […]