Season 1 / Episode 6

The sixth episode of the CMR Podcast series is our last episode of 2021!

We are so thankful to everyone that collaborated with us in this project, for all the hard work and for being willing to share your experiences, research, and voices through the CMR podcast. We hope to continue and expand this student-led project with more amazing content.

In this episode, we discover the Expanding German Studies network with one of its founders, Dr Tom Smith, a Lecturer in German Studies at the School of Modern Languages at the University of St Andrews, and Gwendoline Choi, a German Studies Masters student. Expanding German Studies (EGS) is a collaborative resource, blog and collective, focussing on promoting teaching that reflects the diversity of German-speaking culture. EGS aims to better represent German Studies’ multitude of voices and to connect existing diversity work between different universities in the UK.

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