Founding Director

Dr Stavroula Pipyrou (Social Anthropology): European Minorities, Refugees, Displaced Populations (especially children), Governance, Humanitarianism.

Assistant Directors

Dr Emma Frances Bond (Modern Languages): Contemporary Transnational Migration, Border Literatures.

Dr Nissa Finney (Human Geography): Ethnic Minorities, Race, Migration, Minorities (Europe), Inequalities.

Dr Gurchathen Sanghera (International Relations): Human Rights, Race and Ethnicity (UK), Minorities, Children and Violence (India).

Advisory Board

Professor Alex Baldacchino (Medicine): Substance Misuse Problems, Physical and Psychological Comorbid Conditions, Minimising risk.

Dr Toman Barsbai (Economics): International migration, Migration policies, Migrant exploitation, Migrants’ countries of origin, Political economy

Dr Sandra Fernandez (Social Anthropology): Postcolonial Studies, Power and Citizenship, Hybridity, Mechanisms of Social Change.

Kathryn Fredricks (PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology): Italian Colonialism, Eritrean Diaspora, Migrants and Refugees, Wellbeing.

Dr Paloma Gay y Blasco (Social Anthropology): Gypsies (Europe), Marginality, Adoption, Refugees, Gender, Collaboration.

Professor Caroline Humfress (History): Comparative History of Law and Legal Practice from Late Antiquity to the Present Day, History of Empires, Early Christian and Ecclesiastical Law.

Professor Dina Iordanova (Film Studies, IGCCC): Representation of Minorities in Film and Media, Romani Representation, Minorities in Eastern Europe, Migrations/ Trafficking/ Refugees/ Displacement in Cinema and Media.

Dr Konrad Lawson (History): War Crimes, Political Retribution, Post-Colonial Histories.

Dr Fiona McCallum (International Relations): Minority Rights, Church-State Relations, Christian-Muslim Conflict, Interfaith Dialogue, Diasporic Humanitarian and Political Activism (UK).

Dr Jeffrey Murer (International Relations): Ethnic Conflict (UK and Europe), Communal Violence, Terrorism, Youth Mobilization, Multiethnic Relations, Right-Wing Politics.

Dr Michele Wisdahl (Anthropology): Brazil and Latin America, urban anthropology, youth, class, affect, politics and the state, imaginaries and the future, ethnographic writing.


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